Palermo Properties Team – Mark Palermo, Kirsten Hagen, Stephanie Sills, Umi Park, Irina Luck, Sean Sabean and Craig Sargent. 

With our diverse backgrounds and extensive experience, we provide world-class marketing, technical resources, customer service, and negotiation, so you KNOW you are working with an exceptional team who has achievement of your goals as the top priority.

If you are reading this….We’re ready right now to work with potential clients just like you.

Why You Should Hire Us As Your Exclusive Real Estate Partners

We market homes using over 1000 web sites worldwide, courtesy, MLS and their partners. Add traditional newsprint to provide an unprecedented base of awareness, and social media to engage and facilitate interest and identify buyers.

  • Our goal to have the top share of voice for each and every listing that we accept.
  • We meet stated promises and deliver promptly.
  • Our belief is that a strong client/agency relationship based on mutual trust and good rapport paves the way to clear, focused and successful sales.
  • We establish a clear template of performance expectations and services.
  • Our weekly progress reports update sellers, and regular meetings, e-mails and texts ensure a free and open flow of information and feedback.
  • Our buyers get unparalleled service – from personal home tours to daily updates of new homes or price reductions, we will find the perfect home for you.
  • We have access to a plethora of available homes, including all Northern California listing services as well as off market properties.
  • We maintain great rapport with cooperating agents that paves the way for transparent negotiations, producing positive results.
  • Our unprecedented support goes well beyond the traditional agent you may have worked with in the past.
  • We provide daily updates from the ratification of an offer through the closing of escrow and well beyond.

If you are one of the hundreds of past customers that have completed transactions with us, we appreciate your continued support, and your help is very important to us as we continue to grow our real estate family and business.

Who do you know that we can help? Be sure to introduce us to any friends, colleagues, neighbors or family – anyone you know who is considering buying or selling a home or looking to rent. All it takes is a call or email, or even a text. You can be assured they will be treated to our outstanding service from the very first contact.

If you are looking to become our new client, be assured you have come to the right place. Call Team Partners Mark at 650-218-6400 or Kirsten at 650-504-1469. 

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