Today, let’s discuss what the Compass Concierge Program is all about.

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If your house requires a little bit of updating and you don’t want to put down the money for those projects, with our Compass Concierge Program, we will put our money where our mouth is and help you get those projects done.

For example, if you wanted to update your home to get a better price, such as by upgrading the old carpeting and Formica countertops, we will front the cost at no interest to help you get more from your sale.

Case in point, I recently did this for the owners of the property at 2324 Bunker Hill Drive in San Mateo. It was a trust sale, so the trustees didn’t want to put in the money themselves to update the property. We put in $65,000 and turned a pretty dated home into a beautiful house. Without the repairs that we helped them to make, the property would likely only have sold for $1.7 million, but with our help, they closed for $1.889 million. That’s more than a three-to-one value ratio! That’s important: For every dollar spent here in the Bay Area, you can get up to a $3 value on visual improvements like carpet, paint, kitchens, baths, landscaping, and other features that people are likely to notice.


We can help you get your house ready for the market.



With the Compass Concierge Program, we can help you get your house ready for the market by making it look as beautiful and move-in ready as possible. It’s a fairly simple process: Compass will directly pay the service providers and then reimburse them at the close of escrow. The program puts more dollars into our sellers’ pockets, which makes us really happy.

You might see that other companies are trying to mirror what we’ve already been doing for over a year. We’d just like to reiterate that our team has experience with construction projects. We know the process, we know the builders, and we know how to manage projects like these.

If you want someone who really understands the resources and vendors necessary to get your home to the next level (and for a better price), reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you get the biggest bang for your buck during your next home sale.


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