Buying and selling a home is not a casual transaction, yet sometimes it seems that people treat it in such a way. They don’t mean to of course, but put this in perspective….

If you are a homeowner and are considering selling your home and live in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, your house is worth well over a million dollars. Is the Realtor that is about to sell your home proposing to treat your transaction as if they were handling a game changing product introduction, a major software sales account, a Series A Round of funding for a hot start-up, a sizable Advertising or Public Relations retainer fee for a well known corporation? If not, then they aren’t qualified to handle your transaction.

I have experience in most of these examples, and a $1 Million retainer fee was highly revered in the Ad Agency biz in the 23 years I spent in that industry. Our accounts also included a lot of early tech start-ups and a $1 Million Series A Round of financing was a lifeline to a lot of talented tech engineers trying to monetize that next big thing. This was the kind of money that helped build the Silicon Valley and Bay Area as a whole rise to the economic powerhouse it is today. So, back to that million dollar home transaction.

Ask yourself if your agent has at least a 10 step, customized marketing program to maximize your sales activity…Customized is the key word. Anyone can download a listing presentation from Cloud CMA or any other National agency web-site. A good agent uses those only as a template and takes great care in making sure that his/her listing presentation is unique only to your home, your neighborhood, your potential buyers, cooperating buyers agents and YOU and your projected profit goals.

Ask yourself what the WOW factor was in convincing you to list with him or her. When I was in the Ad Agency business we would have Three Part, choreographed and image/audio rich presentations to present our creative ideas. We would then talk about the metrics and statistical research that backed our campaigns…followed by the account management teams role in communicating the status updates, timelines, budgets, media placement, messaging and accountability. (An Ad agency account had about twenty overall disciplines to manage)…So, In order to win over a big client like a Nine West, Purina Mills or the St. Louis Rams (a few of my former clients), we had to hit big on all three parts of the presentation.

Selling a $1 million, $2 million, $3 million+ home should be handled in much the same way. Because…bottom line, it is YOUR money, your home and your overall profits at stake. Selling your home is a business!!! An agent that prepares a complete, 10 step plan is paramount to the success of your listing and will be directly related to how much more your home sells for…and ultimately how much money you make. Don’t Settle. Hire a Realtor that is extremely grateful that you have given him/her an incredible opportunity to share in the profits of your home (via a commission) and will display an unprecedented plan of attack that produces the kind of results that is a win/win for everyone.

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